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Martin Behr

Martin Behr is executive manager of the German energy wood trading companies "Power Pellets Vertriebs" and “Holz-Energie-Zentrum Olsberg GmbH”.
Beside that he is working as an authorised expert for wood heating systems up to 2 MW, Mr. Behr is board member of the German Energy Wood and Wood Pellet Association (DEPV) as well as scientific advisor of the German Pellet Institute (DEPI). Furthermore he is member of various national and international standardisation committees related to wood energy issues (e.g. ISO/TC 238 “Solid Biofuels”). [email protected]

Martina caminada

Martina Caminada is responsible for projects and management of the association proPellets Switzerland, since 2012. Formerly employed at the forestry office in the canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland and working as a research assistant at ETH Zurich. Studies in Environmental Sciences, specialized in Forestry and Landscape Management, at ETH Zurich.

[email protected]

valter francescato

Valter Francescato works in the bioenergy sector for 15 years and since 2011 is the technical director of AIEL, the Italian biomass association. Since 2012 is the technical representative of the Group of Biomass Boilers, representing the largest national group of European modern biomass boiler manufacturers. He is the author of several technical publications and monographs on the topics of production and quality aspects of solid biofuels and the proper design and planning of biomass heating systems. In the last two years (2014-2015) he has developed the Technical Guideline "Fire prevention and safety in the design, installation and operation of automatic biomass plants", a comprehensive technical manual that for the first time in Italy faces the most relevant security issues of the system “central heat-biofuel storage” in the plants automatically fed with pellets, wood chips and briquettes. [email protected] 

hans hartmann

Hans Hartmann, born 1961, agricultural engineer, PhD degree at Munich University of Technology (TUM), since then working in the field of bioenergy research. He is now Head of the Solid Biofuels Division at TFZ, leading a research team of currently 16 persons. This division covers a research scope biofuel treatment, fuel quality issues up to combustion and emission control.

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Christoph Schmidl

Christoph Schmidl has a PhD in Technical Chemistry from Vienna University of Technology (VUT, Vienna, Austria) where he was a Researcher in the Field of Particulate Matter Source Characterization and Apportionment from 2005 to 2007.
Since 2009 he is Senior Researcher at the Austrian Biomass Competence Centre Bioenergy2020+. From 2010 to 2014 he was Unit Head Small-scale Combustion Systems and from 2014 to 2015 he was Area Manager of Combustion Area. From 2015 he is Scientific Advisor at Bioenergy2020
Since 2013 he is head of Master Program at University of applied Sciences Wr. Neustad.
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Andrea Sgarbossa

Andrea Sgarbossa graduated in Forest and Environmental Science at the Agriculture Faculty of the Padua University in 2010. Since that year he has collaborated with the LEAF Department as responsible for the Biofuel LabABC. In 2014 has finalized his PhD with a project focused on the wood pellets supply chain and the feasibility of a small scale and local pellet production from forest and agricultural residues. He now works with ENAMA as auditor for the European pellet certification system ENplus and the Italian biomass certification scheme BIOMASSplus.ì
[email protected]

Stephen J. Faehner

Stephen J. Faehner is the President and CEO of American Wood Fibers based in Columbia, Maryland.
American Wood Fibers was founded in 1966 by Frank Faehner. After 20 years at AWF, Stephen Faehner took over as President & CEO in 2014.  AWF operates 10 facilities in the USA with 375 employees and over $100M annual turnover. The markets served include: pet & livestock litter; wood fuels for thermal energy; and natural fibers for industry.  He currently serves as Chairman of the Pellet Fuels Institute. [email protected]

Remigijus Lapinskas

Remigijus Lapinskas For ten years since 2004  was founder and president of Lithuanian biomass energy association LITBIOMA. From 2006 to 2010 Mr. Lapinskas was twice selected as board member in European Biomass Association (AEBIOM). Today Mr. Lapinskas is a president of the Green Policy Institute, a chairman of the board in JSC „Seven entertainment“, project advisor at world bioenergy association (WBA) and a board member of association LITBIOMA.
[email protected]

Didzis Palejs

Working in energy wood industry almost 20 years. Mostly dealing with energy wood (pellets, wood chips, firewood) production, handling and managing sales/logistic. Has been working for national and international companies of various sizes. Beside the business activities Mr. Palejs is one of the founders of Latvian biomass association LATbio and its Chairman. Additionally to that Mr. Palejs is a Vice-President of European biomass association AEBIOM. 
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John W. Arsenault

John W. Arsenault is currently Pellet Group Director of Québec Wood Export Bureau (QWEB) which is a nonprofit organization that promotes exports of all Quebec wood products and helps develop internal markets for wood pellets. He is also Director of Market Access of Wood Pellet Association of Canada which (WPAC), the trade organization of pellet producers in Canada.
Previously he was General manager of manufacturing businesses on large consumers of energy including electricity, light and heavy oil, coal, petroleum coke, natural gas and biomass.
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Christian Rakos

Christian Rakos, studied Physics, Philosophy and History at the technical university of Vienna. After positions at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Austrian Energy Agency and the Irish renewable energy information office he became managing director of the Austrian Pellet Industry Association “proPellets Austria”. 2010 he was elected President of the European Pellet Council.
[email protected]

Richard Sikkema

Richard Sikkema currently works for the Joint Research Centre (European Commission) in Italy. Both the supply (sustainable and innovative mobilization of wood) and the long term demand of wood products (Forest Information System Europe) are among his main research tasks. He is liaised to the Forest Resources and Climate unit of the JRC, after completing his PhD in 2014 at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.  During his PhD, he also worked at Control Union Certifications, within the international certification program for wood pellets for EU’s energy sector.
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paolo perini

Paolo Perini is CEO of Segatifriuli Srl a pellet production company certified ENplus A1 whose pellet brand is Mefisto. He is a qualified Biomass and Pellet Production Expert having worked extensively in the Biomass sector for 25 years and in the Pellet sector for 12 years.
Currently he is also part of the Operating Committee of the Working Group of Producers and Traders of pellet ENplus of AIEL, of which he is the spokesperson.
[email protected]

annalisa paniz

Annalisa Paniz is a qualified Bioenergy Expert and consultant having worked extensively in this sector for 12 years. Currently she works for the Italian Agriforesty Energy Association - AIEL - and her area of expertise is primarily related to pellet issues: market data collection and elaboration being the author of the first Pellet Market research in Italy in 2003, certification scheme implementation and management, pellet safety and communication. Since 2013 she is also member of the European Pellet Council Board.

[email protected]

Raoul Cvečić Bole

Raoul Cvečić Bole, born in Pazin (Croatia) in 1956, is an engineer. He studied in Rijeka where he obtained a B.Sc. VSS- title in 1982. He finished his postgraduate studies in Management, acquiring the title of MBA in Bled, Slovenia.
He has a long experience in entrepreneurship and managerial positions and in the Supervisory Boards.
Currently he is director of Energy pellets d.o.o. a pellet production facility. Since 2014 he is also the President of the Croatian Association of pellets/biomass producers and related technologies and vice president of Croatian wood cluster. [email protected]

Branko Glavonjić

Branko Glavonjić is University Professor of Forestry Faculty of the Belgrade State University. He was chairman of the Timber Committee of the UNECE/FAO in Geneva from 2008 to 2010. Actually he is Deputy Leader of the UNECE/FAO-Team of Specialists on Sustainable Forest Products and member of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) Research Group 5.10.00. He is also the national correspondent of Serbia for making of the Joint Wood Energy Enquiry and JFSQ of the UNECE/FAO and EUROSTAT.
[email protected]

Alessandro Pretolani

Alessandro Pretolani is Production Manager of Adriacoke, a trading company part of Setramar Group a multibusiness company located in Ravenna and operating in the sector of ports and inland logistics, shipping, energy, agrifood and real estate. He is also responsible for unloading operations, warehousing, sieve and bagging. From 2013 he started in developing the project for bulks delivering ENplus pellets by truck both for domestic and industrial use.
[email protected]

Horst Mayr

Horst Mayr is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the company Froling Srl located in Bolzano, the Italian branch of Fröling Heizkessel-Und Behälterbau Gmbh - Austrian Biomass Boilers Constructor. His main activities and responsibilities are primarily related to Sales Manager and Managing Director.

[email protected]

Maurzio Annovati

Maurizio Annovati, 51 years old, live in Pinerolo (TO) Italy. Since 2002 he is the CEO of ALPIN PELLET a leading French pellet manufacturer and the first French company with the A1 ENplus certification (FR001). Currently he is also the CEO of FRANCE PELLET, a joint company representing the main French certified pellet producers operating in the Italian market: ALPIN PELLET, BIOSYL, HAUT DOUB pellets, SCIERIE ARCHIMBAUD, SCIERIE PIVETEAU, SIAT BRAUN. This company trades more than 500.000 tons in the Italian market. [email protected]

Andrea Ferraro

Andrea Ferraro is 44 years old and is part of the AMG Group SpA based in San Vito di Vicenza (Italy) since 2012, where he works as General Sales Manager. In the two previous professional experience he worked as Marketing & Sales Manager for companies of this sector, leaders in the production and sale of products operating with wood pellets and wood logs. Since over twenty years he is related to the world of biomass, proud to belong to a field of strong Venetian tradition and of consolidated Italian representation in the world.
[email protected]

Jürgen Winkler

Jürgen Winkler, was born in 1971 in Munich, Germany and studied Business in Villach and Klagenfurt, Austria. From 1994 to 2000 he worked and lived in Brixen, Bolzano and Verona, Italy, as sales manager and from 2001 to 2004 was sales manager in the sawmill sector. From 2005 he is Director of MAK Holz in Carinthia and from 2006 he is project manager for a new pellet mill at MAK Holz. From 2007 he started sales development in Italy for MAK Holz and MAK Energie pellets. Today MAK Holz is well known as a high quality producer and trader for EN PLUS A1 pellets in the Italian market. MAK Holz is a member of Propellets Austria and AIEL. [email protected]

Paolo Giarda

Since June 2015 Paul Giarda works in Carbotermo SPA being involved in the biomass plants heat management. Currently he is responsible of 30 heating plants fed with pellets with capacities from 100 kW to 1 MW and of two districts heating fed with wood chips with a total capacity of 16 MW. From 2009 to 2015 he has been facility manager of Italiana Pellets SpA, while from 2005 to 2009 of A. Brivio Compensati a producer of plywood panels. Previously he has been the facility manager of Zacchetti and Faco (1996-2005) a panels producer and of Panguaneta a special products producer (1994-1996).  [email protected]